E. C. de Luna Construction Corporation has been involved in road construction for a period spanning more than three decades. Since the company’s inception as a roadbuilder, we have placed emphasis on quality, being the core determinant of good construction.

Over the years, we have not only aimed to provide our clients with end products, but we have also endeavored to achieve excellent and quality projects that will stand beyond the expected infrastructure life. Years of experience in horizontal projects have made us realize that it is not enough to focus our attention solely on completing the project and making profits. We must pay extra attention to the materials, manpower, methods, and equipment that we utilize in a project. We also learned to rely on sound engineering practices and analyses which have enabled us to meet the criteria and specifications of our Clients.

E.C. de Luna Construction recognizes that in today’s competitive marketplace, effective quality systems are essential for all construction projects. We are fully committed to providing construction services that comply with the specifications and expectations of our valued clients. It is the policy of E.C. de Luna Construction Corporation to strictly adhere to quality control standards and to ensure that the requirements of our customers are met.

We are an organization that seeks excellence in what we do. Quality is the bedrock of our values.


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