Our history begins in 1989 with the establishment of E.C. De Luna Construction, a sole proprietorship owned by Mr. Eduardo C. de Luna. This fledgling venture was classified as category “C” construction firm by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board which allowed us to undertake projects costing not more than Php 3 million. In that same year, the firm was awarded its first contract amounting to Php 100,000.00 in Bulacan.

Through successful close-out of various projects, our revenue experienced tremendous growth leading to acquisition of equipment and other assets including dump trucks, service vehicles, heavy equipment, asphalt batching plant, crushing plant and concrete batching plant. With the completion of Asphalt Overlay of Manila South Project, we have earned the trust of our clients who subsequently awarded various projects to our firm.

In the following year, we achieved another milestone, when, on December 20, 1994, PCAB approved its upgrading to category “B”. And in 1996, after a series of successful construction projects, the company’s commitment to quality construction paid off after EC de Luna Construction was finally given a category AAA license by PCAB - the highest category for contractors during that time.

In 2000, the company was incorporated as E.C. de Luna Construction Corporation (ECDLCC). From a category C firm, the business has endured the challenges of a blooming and wilting economy of the past decades.

Today, ECDLCC stands as a robust construction firm that generates impact by building reliable roads, highways and bridges that link urban and rural communities, bringing joy and comfort to the riding public.

In 2017, PCAB released its Board Resolution No. 079, Guidelines for the Licensing of Category Quadruple A Contractors which permitted companies with Php 1 Billion equity to apply for Quadruple A license – the highest category that allows any firm to undertake government and private projects of any contract cost.

ECDLCC applied for upgrading and was granted a Quad A Platinum license in April 2018. This is a recognition of ECDLCC’s financial capacity, formidable record, and technical expertise in the field of construction.

Consistent with our long-standing tradition of excellence built on integrity and hard work, ECDLCC aspires to raise our quality of work in construction and civil engineering, provide communities with greater economic access and exploit more opportunities in the years to come.


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